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At Big Axe we tap our own Maple trees as well as source maple sap from local New Brunswick sugaries. Local "Stone Family Maple Products" Sugary was also kind enough to provide us with some sap! We use the freshest maple sap to make this seasonal beer.

This amber ale is brewed with a mixture of pale and caramel malts, that lend it subtle caramel and sweet maple aroma. An amber-red pour with a perfect creamy head! 

New Zealand Orbit and other noble hops create a beautiful fruity hop aroma!

5.6 % ABV

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Pale golden in colour with medium body, sweet malt character, modestly hopped with pleasant floral English hop bouquet. Handpicked New Brunswick wild chanterelles add delicate and complex flavour. Light and refreshing.

 ABV 4.5%

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Dark brown in colour this beer offers a unique blend of roasted and crystal malts. Brewed with 100% birch sap and English aroma hops, sap adds in a unique tasting profile to this seasonal favourite. It's hoppy and slightly bitter at 32 IBUs and a bit of complex bitterness added by the sap.

This beer finishes with treacle and subtle coffee notes!

5.7% ABV

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2014 Silver Medal from the Atlantic Canada Beew Awards…  Shakesbeer Chocolate Oatmeal Stout is a full and silky body stout, dark chocolate in colour. Aroma is rich with caramel malts, chocolate and a hint of vanilla. Very low citrus, earthy, roasty, charred bitterness herb hop character that makes this stout complex and original.


ABV 6 %

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Belgian Witbier-style brewed with a mixture of pale malts, Saaz hops, oranges and spices like coriander and cloves.

5 pounds of partidgeberries were added at the secondary fermentation step, which gives this beer a mild but complex tartness and a wild berry aroma.

5.6% ABV

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Dark brown in colour this beer offers mild roastiness and pleasant charamel character. Brewed with traditional English aroma hops and a heaping pile of Chaga mushroom to create a unique tasting profile. 

Chaga is harvested in birch forests and has been used in Europe for its health benefits for centuries. We use New Brunswick chaga that is responsibly harvested by our friend and wild foods enthusiast Dwight at 

Have we crafted a delicious and healthy brew? Give it a try and let us know!

5.4% ABV

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In hushed tones, the people remark on its golden amber colour.  

Some whisper that it's brewed with Centennial and Golding hops from Southan Farms.  

This ale may be double hopped to give it a strong hop flavour, aroma and a bitterness of 75 IBUs and the bold among us may boast of its clean malty sweetness which provides the perfect balance.  

We may long to share that it weighs in at 7.5% to get you nice and toasty during the cold season.

But to avoid the wrath of Putin, we will deny everything!

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Copper Coloured IPA, well balanced with mild caramel malt character this IPA was brewed with a mix of pale and crystal malts. Moderate hop additions give this beer crisp finish and outstanding floral and citrus hop aroma. Our double bit is double hopped for the true hop lover!

65 IBU/ABV 6 % 

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